Hey! I’m Holly.

I’m a human rights studies Master’s student at Columbia University concentrating in imperialism and settler-colonialism in the Middle East. I recently graduated from MIT with a Bachelor’s in electrical engineering and computer science, and this fall, I will be starting a PhD in computer science at UC Berkeley under Ben Recht.

I work on interdisciplinary applications of computer science, from astrophysics to history to political problems. I’m interested in computational geometry, physics-based simulation, evolutionary algorithms, GPU programming, numerical modeling, and data science.

My previous work includes quantitatively analyzing a history of anti-Palestinian bias in The New York Times using machine learning methods and co-developing an algorithm to virtually read and unfold CT scans of sealed historical letters. I have worked at Diego Portales University (Santiago, Chile) building a family tree of stars in the Milky Way and at NASA Ames Research Center designing lightweight modular truss structures. I have also worked at Adobe Research and in several MIT labs on machine learning and computer graphics applications.

Please enjoy this evolving portfolio of some my smaller and larger projects! Feel free to shoot me an email at holly_jackson@berkeley.edu. You can also check out my CV.